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Gift Registry


1.  What is a gift registry?

A gift registry is an online wish list you can build for any milestone or celebration. By creating a MyRegistry gift registry, you can add as many items from as you like and share it with loved ones so they can find the gifts you want and need.

2.  What is the purpose of a gift registry?

A gift registry helps make gift-giving simple. You can share your list with friends and family so it’s easy for them to find the items you want and need. 

3.  What should I register for?

You can register for any milestone—from baby showers to weddings to birthdays and more.

4. What are the benefits of a gift registry?

A Canadian Tire gift registry (powered by MyRegistry) lets you:

  • Easily share your registry with friends and family so they know exactly what to get.
  • Shop a wide selection of items at and find gifts for every budget.
  • Celebrate any milestone and help make gift-giving simple.
  • Choose from a wide selection of brands.

5.  How does the gift registry work?

Click the “Create” button above, which will take you to the MyRegistry website.  Follow the sign-up process and then visit to start shopping for items. When you see an item you love, select the “Add to Registry” button to add it to your gift registry. 

6.  How do I create a gift registry/account?

Select your registry type on the MyRegistry Gift Registry page, click the “Create” button and follow the sign-up process.

7.  How do I add items to my gift registry?

Once you’ve signed into your registry on our website, you can start adding products as you shop. When you find a product you love, click the "Add to Registry" button (instead of clicking the "Add to Cart" button like you usually would when shopping).

8.  What happens when someone buys something from my gift registry?

The item will be marked as purchased and you will receive an email notification.

9.  Can I look up a gift registry in-store?

Canadian Tire store employees can help you look up your registry while shopping in-store. You can also view it using your smartphone.

10.  How do I access my gift registry?

You can access your gift registry by clicking on the “Gift Registry” tab on the Canadian Tire website. You will be taken to the gift registry page where you can go to Manage Registry and log in to your registry account, which will allow you to access your registry.

11.  How do I share my gift registry with friends and family?  

Once you’ve logged into your MyRegistry account, click “Manage Gifts” and then go to the green Share icon in the top right corner to see all the sharing options.

12.   Which account is used for my gift registry?

You will need to create a new account on the Gift Registry page. This is separate from your Canadian Tire account, but can be used on the Canadian Tire website to access your registry.

13.    I received a duplicate of a gift. Can I return it?

Yes, you may be able to return the gift . Please see more details in the question below.

14.    What is the return policy?

Unopened items in their original packaging returned with a receipt within 90 days of purchase will receive a refund to the original method of payment, a gift card or an exchange, depending on the situation. Opened items and items that are damaged and/or not in resalable condition may not be eligible for a refund or exchange. A valid photo ID may be required to confirm this information along with the receipt.

You can receive a copy of the purchase receipt from the gifter. If this is not possible, please see the various scenarios below:

Scenario 1 – You return an item to a store with a receipt and the original method of payment.

  • You will receive the full amount of the return on the original method of payment.

Scenario 2 – You return an item to a store with a receipt but not the original method of payment.

  • If you do not have the original method of payment, the amount will be returned in the form of a gift card in the amount the Gifter paid for the item.

Scenario 3 – You return an item to a store with no receipt and without the original method of payment.

  • You will need to provide the order number and store number, both of which can be found on the MyRegistry account page in the "View Thank you note Tracker" under "Things to Do". The order number and store number act as proof of purchase. The amount will be returned in the form of a gift card.

Scenario 4 – You return an item to a store without a receipt and cannot access your registry page.

  • With no transactional information, it will be up to the store’s discretion to identify how and if they process this type of return.

15.  Can I delete an item from my MyRegistry gift registry? 

Yes, you can. You can edit items on your registry list when you log into your MyRegistry account and view your registry.

16.  How are items purchased for a gift registry?

Items can be purchased online or in-store.

17.  Can my friends and family ship gifts directly to me?

Yes, they can. When they purchase a product, there is an option to enter the Registrant’s address in the shipping details.

18.  Will items ordered online automatically be marked as purchased?

Yes, they will be.

19.  How do I get more information about the product I want to add to my registry?

You can get more information about the product by looking at the product page on our website.

20.  Can I register to receive Canadian Tire gift cards?

There’s no need to register for gift cards—anyone can gift you a gift card from the MyRegistry registry landing page.

21.  Are there items that cannot be added to a gift registry?

Any product that is available on to add to cart can be added to your MyRegistry registry in a store that has inventory availability. Services (such as home installation) cannot be added.

22.  How do I update my gift registry information?

When you log in to your MyRegistry account to manage your gift list, click on 'Settings' to edit your registry details. 

23.  Can I start building my gift registry without letting anyone view it?

You can always keep your registry private or add a visitor password. There are two ways to do this:

1. Log into your MyRegistry account. Click 'Settings' then 'Notifications & Options' to edit search options
2. Log into your MyRegistry account. Click 'Settings' then 'Visitor Setup' to add a visitor password

24.  Will I still be able to download the list of guests who gave me gifts?

Yes, your registry will be active and available as long as you want. You can download the list of purchases at any time from your MyRegistry Thank You Note Tracker.

25.  How can I keep track of my gifts and guests’ details?

When you sign into your MyRegistry account, you will find these details on the landing page. You can also download the list of gifts and guests’ details at any time from your MyRegistry Thank You Note Tracker. 



1.  How do you find someone's gift registry?

You can search anyone's registry by looking up their name on the MyRegistry page through the Canadian Tire website.

2.  How are gift registry orders fulfilled?

You can either shop in-store or order the item online. When ordering online, you can choose from the following options: Ship to Home, Pick Up at Store or Curbside Pick Up. Please refer to question 11 if you have additional questions about the pickup process.

3.  How can I change where I want the purchase shipped to?

When you purchase the product, you can change the shipping address to any address of your choice.

4. When will the items be shipped to the Registrant?

Items purchased from a MyRegistry gift registry will be fulfilled and shipped in accordance with the estimated shipping times on the website. Please note items will not be shipped based on the Gift Registry Event Date.

5.  What do I do if I want to buy a product for someone living in a different province than me?

Canadian Tire does not allow customers to ship across provinces when purchasing an item online. Please choose a store in the same province as the Registrant's home address when purchasing an item off their registry.

6.  Can Canadian Tire ship bulk orders?

Bulk items can only ship within province and can only ship a maximum distance of 100km.

7.  Will items ordered online automatically be marked as purchased?

Yes. However, if the item is a gift card, the banner will not be removed from the page, as customers can purchase/send multiple gift cards to the Registrant.

8.  If I buy an item in-store, will it be removed from the gift registry automatically?

If you purchase an item in-store, you can remove it from the gift registry by updating this information online (further details below) or by contacting MyRegistry Customer Service at 1-833-348-6768 to mark it as purchased. To mark the item as purchased online, you can go to the Registrant's MyRegistry gift registry through the Canadian Tire Registry page, select the item you have purchased, and mark the item as purchased by selecting I bought this in a store, and it will automatically be updated as purchased.

9.  Can I purchase an item online and pick up in-store?

Yes, you can. When you purchase an item online, select the Pick Up at Store option and fill out your details. You will get an email when your item is ready for pickup.

10.  Can I buy a gift off a registry and have the Registrant pick it up at their local store?

Yes, you can. When you are purchasing an item online, start by picking the store closest to the Registrant by clicking on the store location in the top left corner of the website, inputting the postal code into the "Select A Store" search bar and selecting the closest store. As you are completing the Checkout process, select the "Someone else will pick up this order" box where you can fill out the Registrant's name and email. The Registrant will receive an email when the order is ready, and you will be notified once they have picked up the order.

11.  What is the pickup process?

You can either pick up the product at your nearest Canadian Tire store or select Curbside Pickup when ordering your item. Find more information about our online ordering options here.

12.   Will there be an extended pick-up time for registry items?

No. Registry items will not have an exception.

13.  What if I want to purchase an item in-store, but it is unavailable? 

You will have to find a store where the item is available and add it to your cart by changing your selected store. You will then have the option to pick up the product from that specific store, have it shipped to your home, or the Registrant directly. Shipping fees will apply.

14. What happens when an order is cancelled?

The item will automatically be marked as cancelled on the registry, and it will become available for purchase again.

15.  Why is the price of a product I want to purchase different in the store than as listed on the registry?

If you would like to see the store-specific price of a product, you will be able to see it when you go to a product page on

16.  On Thursdays, why does promo pricing not appear on my registry list?

Promo pricing will not appear on the registry list on Thursdays, as we will only be showing national regular pricing.

17.  If I am a Triangle Rewards® member, do I earn CT Money® when I purchase an item from a registry?

Yes, you can earn CT Money® on eligible purchases.

18.  Can I redeem CT Money® to purchase a registry item?

Yes. You will need to register your Triangle Rewards card before you can start redeeming your CT Money. Triangle® credit cardmembers are automatically registered in the program so they can begin redeeming immediately. You can register online at or by using the Triangle App. You cannot redeem Canadian Tire Money® on shipping and handling.