NOCO GB150 Boost Pro Jump Starter & Power Bank

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    NOCO GB150 Boost Pro Jump Starter & Power Bank



    • NOCO GB150 Boost Pro Jump Starter and Power Bank is a compact, yet powerful lithium jump starter rated at 3,000 Amps that provides up to 80 jump starts on a single charge
    • Designed for both gas engines up to 9.0 liters and diesel engines up to 7.0 liters for cars, SUVs, trucks, boats, RVs, and more
    • Ultra-safe and mistake-proof design with spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection, which allow it to safely connect to any battery;
    • Integrated digital voltmeter to quickly determine the voltage of the connected battery
    • Ultra-bright 500 lumen LED flashlight with 7 light modes including SOS and emergency strobe.
    • Recharge your personal devices on the go, like smartphones, tablets, e-watches and more - up to 6 smartphone recharges
    • Power 12-volt devices, like tire pumps, inverters and more via the 12V OUT port
    • Manual override feature allows you to boost a battery drained down to 0 volts
    • Recharge in 11 hours via the included USB cable or in 2-3 hours via the 12V fast charge option


    • 5-Minute AC Power Output (Watts):

      0 W
    • AC Output Voltage Range:

      12 V
    • Accessories:

      AC Adapter, Jumper Clamps, Storage Bag, USB Car Charger
    • Assembled Height (cm):

      31.49 cm
    • Assembled Height (ft):

      1.03 ft
    • Assembled Height (in):

      12.40 in
    • Assembled Length (cm):

      18.54 cm
    • Assembled Length (ft):

      0.61 ft
    • Assembled Length (in):

      7.30 in
    • Assembled Weight (kg):

      2.90 kg
    • Assembled Weight (lb):

      6.39 lb
    • Assembled Width (cm):

      6.85 cm
    • Assembled Width (in):

      2.69 in
    • Assembled Width (mm):

      68.50 mm
    • Battery Capacity (mAh):

      0 mAh
    • Battery Charge Time (hr):

      3 h
    • Battery Type:

    • Cable Length (cm):

      182.88 cm
    • Cable Length (in):

      72.00 in
    • Continuous AC Power Output (Watts):

      36 W
    • Crank Assist Amperage (a):

      0 A
    • Features:

      Back-Charge Protection, Built-in Flashlight, Built-In USB Output Charger, Emergency Light Mode, Manual Override, Over-Charge Protection, Reverse Connection Warning, Reverse Polarity, Spark-Proof, Strobe Light Mode
    • Inverter Output Waveform:

      Modified Sine Wave
    • Maximum Temperature (°C):

      40.00 °C
    • Maximum Temperature (°F):

      104.00 °F
    • Minimum Temperature (°C):

      -20.00 °C
    • Minimum Temperature (°F):

      -4.00 °F
    • Number of 12V Outlets:

    • Number of AC Outlets:

    • Number of DC Outlets:

    • Number of Jump Starts per Charge:

    • Number of USB Ports:

    • Output Amperage (amps):

      3000 A
    • Package Depth (cm):

      42.79 cm
    • Package Depth (in):

      16.85 in
    • Package Height (cm):

      10.21 cm
    • Package Height (in):

      4.02 in
    • Package Weight (kg):

      3.40 kg
    • Package Weight (lb):

      7.50 lb
    • Package Width (cm):

      23.39 cm
    • Package Width (in):

      9.21 in
    • Peak Battery Amps:

      3000 A
    • Peak/Surge AC Power Output (Watts):

      89 W
    • Primary Colour:

    • Type of Battery Booster/Power Pack:

      Battery Booster Pack
    • Voltage (V):

      0 V


    This product carries a 1 year exchange warranty redeemable in-store.