MotoMaster Digital Compact Inflator



The MotoMaster Digital Compact Inflator is a precision inflator that features a revolutionary compact, louvered design to increase airflow and a large square base that increases stability. This product is built to quickly and accurately fill your tires, bicycles tires, and sporting equipment. This product features a large, digital backlight display that provides real time data and will shut off when your desired pressure is reached.


  • MotoMaster Digital Compact Inflator features a compact cube design with a wide stable base and rubber bumpers to provide increased stability and reduction of noise
  • Perfect for high pressure applications on your car tires, bicycle tires and sports equipment
  • Designed with a programmable pre-set digital control with an automatic compressor shut-off and settings memory
  • Large backlit digital display reads pre-set air pressure and provides live data information on current air pressure in the object you are inflating
  • Built with an integrated dual-function white-LED light bar and red flashing hazard light to help you work at night and to keep you safe on the side of the road
  • Frosted lens on this inflator creates a wider light beam to help with any visibility issues you might have
  • Rear recessed handle and integrated cord management for added convenience during use
  • Recessed catch-all top tray to hold spare parts or to help with your storage
  • Offers a 4-minute tire inflation time
  • Includes an inflation nozzle for inflatable toys, a replacement valve stem cap, an inflation needle for sporting equipment, a Schrader to Presta valve adaptor for your bicycle use, a 15 A replacement fuse and an instruction manual
  • New Louvered body design to maximize performance by increasing airflow and to prevent overheating in your inflator
  • Long, 12’ (3.7m) power cord and 24 3/8” (62 cm) air hose
  • Includes spacious power cord storage compartment that can comfortably fit the long power cord
  • 12V DC operation for use around the car


This product carries a 1 year exchange warranty redeemable at any Canadian Tire store.