Beaver Board Stand Up Paddle Board Package, 10.6-ft

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  • Beaver Board Stand Up Paddle Board Package features a performance proven hull profile with a mono-concave nose, flat middle and merges into a "V" at the rear
  • Impact resistant bamboo deck and hull
  • High quality epoxy resin with triple layer of 6 oz fibreglass
  • Automatic air breather valve
  • EPS foam core with wood stringer
  • Adjustable paddle is a lightweight, strong full carbon fibre that is under 2 lbs (907 g), making it easy to use for people of all sizes
  • Centre long board fin and two side thruster fins are easy to install, and the 3-fin configuration allows for easy, straight-line paddling and maneuvering
  • Coiled leash with neoprene/velcro leg wrap prevents drag, stays in place until you need it, and is extremely comfortable in all conditions
  • Board and paddle bags are heavy duty with easy-carry handles and air vents, made from heat reflective material, include a zipper for centre fin, and conveniently attaches to board bag
  • Rated for users up to 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Board Dimensions: 33.5" W x 5' D x 10'6" L (85 cm x 1.52 cm x 3.23 m)
  • Package includes: an adjustable 100% carbon fibre paddle, coiled leash, 1 centre long board fin, 2 side thruster fins, padded board bag and a padded paddle bag


This product carries a 1 year repair only warranty redeemable at any Canadian Tire store.