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How to choose a fishing rod

When you use the right kind of rod based on your experience level, you have the best chance at a successful fishing trip.

How to choose a fishing rod How to choose a fishing rod


These rods are on the heavier side, but very durable and a great value. They’re ideal for beginners, but can handle larger fish.


The majority of anglers will use glass fibre or graphite composite rods. These are more lightweight than fiberglass and more affordable and durable than pure graphite rods.


Well-seasoned fishers may prefer a graphite rod for its superior strength and lightness. They give the angler more fighting power and can handle most fishing situations.

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5’6” to 6’

These short rods are good for new anglers and children. They have shorter casts and are easy to control, which helps to develop technique. They work with small bait.

6’ to 7’

These medium length rods work well for people fishing at an intermediate level. They allow you to do longer casts and give you more control overall.

6’6” to 8’

An experienced angler will want a longer rod. These are better for use in wide open areas. They also do longer casts and can handle bigger baits to attract larger fish.

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Fast Action

These rods bend mostly near the tip. They can detect subtle strikes when jigging and are good for surface lures.

Medium Action

The front half of these rods bend, which makes them good for live fish baiting.

Slow action

This is the most flexible rod, bending over the entire length. It’s ideal for absorbing pressure when fighting a big fish.

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