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How to seed your garden

Sowing vegetable and plant seeds directly in garden soil is the most economical way to create a productive vegetable garden. Let us guide you through the steps to a healthy garden. It's easier than you think.

Seed Your Garden 1280x522-FWT Seed Your Garden 1280x522-FWT


First make sure your garden plot is carefully prepared.


Use a string between two stakes as a guide for seeding.


Check the seed packet for instructions.


Place the seeds.


Cover the seeds with soil.


Water gently.

Once seeds are planted and covered keep the soil evenly moist. Water gently. A blast of water will uproot the seeds and send them flying. If the soil dries out the seeds may not germinate. If the soil is too moist the seeds may succumb to a fungus or blight.


Mark where you planted your seeds.

It’s always a good idea to mark where you planted your seeds and what you planted there so you don’t mistake the seeds you carefully planted for weeds.