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How to create a gallery wall

Want to turn that blank wall into a gorgeous gallery space? Don’t worry — you got this.

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Use common visuals

When choosing items for a gallery wall, use some common visual elements to unify the look of your display. This could include repeating a motif or colour in the artwork. Or use the same type of frames to tie it all together.

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Pick the right hardware

Choosing the right hardware will ensure success. Consider the material of the wall, as well as the type and weight of the objects you are hanging.

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Trace each object

Using craft paper, trace each object to make cut-outs. This will allow you to test out different arrangements on your wall before you hang any of the actual pieces.

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Test out arrangement using wall cut outs

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Place largest cut out first

Start with the biggest cut-out first; hang this in the centre of the wall at eye level.

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Ensure the pieces are spread out evenly

Take the next largest pieces and arrange them so that they balance around the centre piece. Be sure to leave an even amount of space between each piece.

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Fill in remaining spaces with smaller items until you are done

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