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How to make an enchanted forest arrangement

Here’s an easy idea for creating your own one-of-a-kind dramatic décor. Tailor it by adding items that delight you into the mix. 

how to make an enchanted forest arrangement 1280x522 fwt how to make an enchanted forest arrangement 1280x522 fwt


Mix baubles and pinecones

Carefully mix the small baubles and pinecones together in the mixing bowl or container. Place about 2/3 of them into the vase. 


Shape and trim sprays

Carefully bend and shape sprays into more natural shapes. Hold each one against the side of the vase and bend the stems to approximate the height of the vase. Tip: The leaves should sit just above the opening of the vase. When you are satisfied with the height, trim each stem to fit. Separate flower petals and shape to a more natural look. 


Insert sprays

Insert leaf sprays into the vase directing each stem towards the centre, and carefully fan sprays out so the leaves appear to be naturally hanging from the opening. Trim as needed for desired effect. 


Insert flower, ferns and feathers

Clip Gold camellia near the centre of the arrangement. Tuck Plum ferns, then feathers, around the flower nestling some under the leaves and some closer to the centre. Add bird pick and adjust as necessary. 


Make final adjustments

Carefully reach under and around the leaves to add the remaining vase filler. Make any final shaping adjustments needed to declare your finished display a masterpiece!