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How to check for aging tires

As tires age, they become more prone to a blowout or a flat. Let's learn how to check for signs of wear and tear to avoid any accidents.

Check for Aging Tires 1280x522-FWT Check for Aging Tires 1280x522-FWT



Check for cracks in the sidewalls.

A compromised sidewall may lead to tread separation and possible blowouts.

Check aging tires step1 Check aging tires step1


Over time, the rubber breaks down as a result of dry rot.

This is caused by the oils and chemicals in the tire drying out and evaporating as the tire ages.

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Rotate tires and check inner treads.

As the rubber ages and dries, it loses its flexibility, which leads to cracks in the sidewall.

Check aging tires step3 Check aging tires step3


If you spot cracks, you’re probably better off replacing the tires before you end up with a blowout on the highway.

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