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Personal information is collected by NOMA iQ™ products in order to provide you with products or services and offer certain device functionality.  Personal information is also collected to maintain your account, provide you with support services and third-party integrations such as with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.  Please review the Privacy Notice for NOMA iQ™ Products and the Canadian Tire Privacy Charter for additional information.

Certain information we request, such as your postal code, is optional.  If you choose not to provide us with optional information you may not be able to use all device functionality.  You may also be required to permit the sharing of personal information with third parties such as Amazon and Google if you wish to integrate your NOMA iQ™ Product with those services. 

If you delete your NOMA iQ™ account, you will no longer be able to use all features of your NOMA iQ™ Product and your account data will be deleted. The device will still function, but it will no longer connect with the NOMA iQ™ mobile app or other connected devices.

In order to delete the data associated with your account and your NOMA iQ™ Product(s) you will need to delete your account. Follow the instructions for account deletion. Navigate to the ‘Menu’ and click ‘Account,’ then click on ‘Delete Account’ at the very bottom and confirm the request.