Pelican Flow 106 Stand Up Paddle Board, Green

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    Pelican Flow 106 Stand Up Paddle Board, Green



    • Pelican Flow 106 Stand Up Paddle Board features an anti-slip cushioned deck pad for secure footing
    • Twin-sheet thermoforming results in a lighter, stronger SUP
    • Made of impact-resistant RAM-X™ hull material
    • Integrated rail ramps add leverage and improve balance
    • Bottom grooves for increased tracking
    • Length: 10´6˝ (3.23 m)
    • Width: 32˝ (81 cm)
    • Thickness: 6˝ (15 cm)
    • Weight: 48 lbs (22 kg)
    • Maximum Capacity: 230 lb (104 kg)
    • *Please wear an approved personal flotation device when using this product*


    • Assembled Width (cm):

      81.28 cm
    • Maximum Weight Capacity (kg):

      104.00 kg
    • Accessories:

      Handles, Includes Fins, Removable Fins, Tracking Groves
    • Colour:

    • Material:

      High-Density Polyethylene
    • Assembled Length (cm):

      320.04 cm
    • Assembled Weight (kg):

      20.87 kg
    • Handle Length (cm):

      0.00 cm
    • Features:

      Non-Slip Base
    • Edge Type:

      Not Applicable
    • Profile Shape:

    • Assembled Thickness (cm):

      15.24 cm
    • Age Group(s):

      Youth (13-18 Years), Adult (18+)
    • Type of Watersports Board:

      Stand Up Paddle Board
    • Fin Length (cm):

      12.70 cm
    • Buoyancy:

      Not Applicable
    • Minimum Weight Capacity (kg):

      0.00 kg
    • Rocker Depth (cm):

      0.00 cm
    • Type of Surfboard:

      Not Applicable
    • Hollow/Solid:

    • Channel Type:

      Not Applicable
    • Binding Type:

      Not Applicable
    • Number of Fins:

    • Type of Skimboard:

      Not Applicable
    • Length:

      Not Applicable
    • Tip Type:

      Not Applicable
    • Tide-ways:

      Not Applicable
    • Type of Kneeboard:

      Not Applicable
    • Type of Kiteboard:

      Not Applicable
    • Rocker Shape:

      Not Applicable
    • Rope Type:

      Not Applicable
    • Hull Type:

      Not Applicable
    • Tail Shape:

      Not Applicable
    • Type of Wake Board:

      Not Applicable
    • Package Depth (cm):

      320.04 cm
    • Package Height (cm):

      15.24 cm
    • Package Width (cm):

      81.28 cm
    • Package Weight (kg):

      20.87 kg
    • Maximum Inflation (psi):

      0 lb/in²
    • Assembled Length (ft):

      10.50 ft
    • Minimum Weight Capacity (lb):

      0.00 lb
    • Maximum Weight Capacity (g):

      104000.00 g
    • Maximum Weight Capacity (lb):

      229.28 lb
    • Rocker Depth (in):

      0.00 in
    • Assembled Length (in):

      126.00 in
    • Assembled Thickness (in):

      6.00 in
    • Assembled Thickness (mm):

      152.40 mm
    • Assembled Weight (lb):

      46.01 lb
    • Assembled Width (in):

      32.00 in
    • Assembled Width (mm):

      812.80 mm
    • Fin Length (in):

      5.00 in
    • Handle Length (in):

      0.00 in
    This product carries a special warranty. Please see your local Canadian Tire store for details.
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