Innova 3120RS OBD2&1 Code Reader/Scan Tool with ABS & SRS

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    Innova 3120RS OBD2&1 Code Reader/Scan Tool with ABS & SRS



    • Innova 3120RS OBD2 Code Reader/Scan Tool with ABS and SRS can identify engine, braking and safety problems in OBD2 vehicles (1996 and newer) and popular OBD1 (1981-1995) vehicles
    • Read and clear the check engine light with a single button
    • ABS and SRS capability to diagnose the braking and safety for most domestic, Asian and European vehicles
    • Smog Check Readiness LED Indicators allow the user to immediately identify if the vehicle will pass an emissions test
    • Monitor the vehicle’s battery and alternator condition with the Battery and Charging System
    • Live Data allows the user to view essential information about the vehicle in real-time (eg RPM, oil temp, etc) to aid in diagnosis
    • Oil Light Reset / Oil Level & Oil Life allows for check and reset to the vehicle’s oil maintenance light
    • Code Severity functionality allows the user to quickly identify if the vehicle needs an immediate fix or if it is safe enough to operate and repair later
    • Patented all-in-one colour display screen shows 20 pieces of vital information all displayed at one time, including diagnostic trouble code(s) and their definition(s)
    • Works with any car, light truck, minivan, SUV or hybrid manufactured vehicle since 1996 (OBD2), both foreign and domestic
    • Includes OBD1 adapters for Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, and Honda (1981-1995)
    • RepairSolutions2 App provides the user with information on verified fixes, the part(s) required for repair, maintenance schedules, technical service bulletins, recalls, and more
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    This product carries a 1 year exchange warranty redeemable in-store.