Roadside Assistance Kit

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    Roadside Assistance Kit


    Don’t let the compact size of our Roadside Assistance Kit fool you, this robust first-aid kit has everything you might need to stay safe while on the road. Some of the kits key components are a large flashlight, tool selection and duct tape. It even includes a set of 8’ 10 gauge booster cables, 14’ 4,500 lb capacity tow rope, 2-on-1 screwdriver, 6” slip joint pliers and a utility knife. We weren’t kidding when we said everything.


    • Roadside Assistance Kit is compact while providing you with all the basic essentials needed to help keep you safe on the road
    • 1year free Roadside Assistance included
    • Key components among the 66 pieces include: a larger flashlight, tool selection and duct tape
    • Safety items contained are 2 piece tee pee triangle, flashlight signal cone, 2 heavy duty D cell batteries, knit gloves, SOS banner, emergency poncho, 10-12" cable ties, car blanket, and carrying case
    • 40 piece first aid kit contains instruction card, 5 towelettes, 20 adhesive strips, 10 rayon balls, 2 tape strips, 2 gauze pads of 2 x 2"
    • Also includes 8' 10 gauge booster cables, 14' 4,500 lb capacity tow rope, 2-in-1 screwdriver, 6" slip joint pliers, and a utility knife


    This product carries a 1 year exchange warranty redeemable at any Canadian Tire store.