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Healthy home solutions

From cleaner air and water to keeping your space mould-free, explore our helpful tips and products for healthy indoor living.  

What can impact the air quality in your home?

Household activities, products and moisture levels can affect indoor climate and produce pollutants.

Common household pollutants

Kitchens – Cooking fumes and grease particles are potential contaminants.
Living Rooms – Pollutants could include paint VOCs, dust and allergens.
Bedrooms – Dust mites, allergens and irritants may impact air quality.
Bathrooms – Mould, mildew and volatile compounds. 
Laundry Rooms – Chemical fumes and dryer emissions could be harmful.


Test, monitor & improve home air quality

From smart air testers to purifiers, discover healthy climate solutions for your home.


Indoor Air Quality Sensors, Detectors & Alarms

Identify hazards in your home by testing the air for toxins with smart sensor systems and installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Smart Air Quality Sensors Carbon Monoxide Alarms Smoke Detectors

Range Hoods & Accessories

Cook with care by using a range hood to catch odours, smoke, grease and more. For top performance, clean or replace range filters regularly.

Range Hoods Range Hoods Range Hood Filters & Parts

Paint with low VOCs

Interior home paints with no or low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) levels emit less fumes and potential toxins.

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Protect your home from mould

Prevent or reduce mould and mildew with these top products.


Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Manage humidity, ventilation and odours with exhaust fans.

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Mould fighting cleaning products

Stop mould and mildew from growing and spreading on tiles with specialty cleaners.

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Keep your water clean and pure

Improve your home water sources with easy-to-use testing and treating products.