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How to apply interior caulking

Applying interior caulking is an easy way to reduce uncomfortable drafts and save money on your heating bill. Since cold air can sneak in around windows and doors, you can stop it with interior silicone and latex caulking.

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Start the job by scraping away loose paint and caulking from around the door or window.


Remove debris with a stiff brush.

The new caulk needs a good base to adhere to.


Here’s a tip!

You can use latex or silicone caulking compound that is coloured, or you can use caulking compound that can be painted.


Cut the nozzle using the lines embossed on the nozzle as a guide.


Puncture the seal at the bottom of the nozzle.


Insert the tube of caulking compound into the applicator.


And you’re ready to go!


Apply new caulking.


To get a really smooth finish, wet your finger to smooth out the bead of caulking compound.


Clean up around the window or door with a wet rag.


Wipe the nozzle of the caulking tube and replace the cap.