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Pool Chemicals 101

Maintaining your pool is easier than you think. Get expert tips on when to test the water, which chemicals you need throughout the season and more below.

Pool Chemicals FAQ

You need water test kits and strips.
These can determine and balance the pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness and stabilizer of your pool water.

You need a pool opening and closing kit.
These kits come with everything you need to get your pool up and running for the season, or closed up for the winter.

You need an algaecide.
Algae can grow on the walls and bottom of your pool and in your pool water after a rainstorm, during cloudy stretches or if your pool isn't properly maintained. If using an algaecide doesn't work, you might not have enough sanitizer, the circulation could be poor or you've got improper filtration.

You need bromine.
Bromine helps to keep your water fresh, clear and safe for swimming. Unlike chlorine, it keeps destroying bacteria at a higher pH range.

You need chlorine.
Chlorine helps to keep your water fresh, clear and safe for swimming.

You need a clarifier.
This will keep your water crystal clear and improve the filtration process in your pool. If using a clarifier doesn't work, check your chlorine/bromine level and pH level.

You need shock.
Treating your pool water with shock once a week helps eliminate waste products, like sunscreen, from the water. When the weather gets warmer and you've got more swimmers, you'll also need to add shock.

You need stain chemicals.
Your water has excessive amounts of iron, manganese or copper that need to be neutralized.

Pool Maintenance Made Easy

Use the Water Test Aquarius® calculator to figure out which chemicals your pool needs.

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