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How to clean a pool

A backyard pool is an awesome source of fun for the whole family, but it does need to be regularly cleaned.​

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Remove leaves and surface debris

Using a pool leaf skimmer, remove all floating objects from the water, such as leaves and insects. A telescopic pole will give you the best reach to clean the entire surface.


Brush off dirt

Time to give the walls of the pool a good scrub with a pool brush. Always scrub towards the main drain. Again, a telescopic pole will be of assistance. 



Submerge your pool vacuum and make sure it covers the entire bottom of the pool. If there are corners that can’t be reached with the vacuum, give them an extra scrub with the pool brush.


Clean the skimmer and pump basket

Turn off the pump and clean your skimmer, pump basket and backwash sand filters or, if you have a cartridge filter, rinse or replace it. Turn the pump back on.


Shock the pool

Destroy the waste products in the pool that can’t be filtered, such as rainwater and sunscreen by adding shock. As a best practice, use a pail to mix the shock before adding to the pool. For your safety, always add granular shock to water – not vice versa - mix and let it dissolve before using. Be sure to wait the required amount of time after shocking before swimming in the pool — usually one hour after non-chlorine shock and 12 hours after chlorine shock.