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How to maintain a pool

Is there anything better than a sparkling pool waiting for you in your backyard on a hot day? Keep yours in great shape with regular maintenance.

Since chemicals are required to keep your pool water ready for swimming, the first thing you need to know is what the water volume is in your pool. You can find this in your pool’s instruction manual. Alternatively, you can calculate it using Canadian Tire’s easy online pool water calculator or the CanadianTire Water Lab app.

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Test and balance water.

In order to make sure your water has the right pH balance and is safe for swimming, you’ll need to scoop some out and dip a test strip in it and determine if it’s too acidic or too alkaline. Put the results into the Canadian Tire pool chemical calculator or your app to determine which chemicals you need to great a proper pH balance, based on your pool volume. 


Add Sanitizer.

The next step is to use a sanitizer, to ensure all bacteria and germs are destroyed.


Shock your pool.

Adding shock to your pool will remove waste that can’t be filtered out, such as sunscreen, rainwater and perspiration.


Add algaecide.

Prevent an algae problem from starting with a weekly dose of algaecide.


Add a clarifier.

A clarifier will help create sparkling, clear water, which is particularly important if you’ve got in-pool lighting that catches every particle.