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How to clean the interior of your car

After a long winter of dirty boots and spilled coffees, the interior of your car could use a little spring cleaning

cleantheinteriorofyourcar cleantheinteriorofyourcar


Start by vacuuming

Move the seats to ensure you get every nook and cranny. You might even find some loose change!

clear interior car step1 clear interior car step1


Clean the glass by using autmotive specific cleaners

Spray the liquid right on the towel and wipe the window in a rhythmic manner. Buff with a towel to reduce streaks.

clear interior car step2 clear interior car step2


Spray the protectant directly onto the microfiber towel to prevent the spray from ending up on your nicely cleaned windows.

Adding this protectant to the dashboard will help protect against fading and cracking caused by exposure to UV rays.

clear interior car step3 clear interior car step3


To clean leather seats: use a two-step cleaner and conditioner.

The cleaner will remove any dirt or stain while the conditioner will replenish the natural oils of the leather, helping to keep it soft.

clear interior car step4 clear interior car step4


To clean fabric seats: use specific upholstery cleaner.

Spray the upholstery cleaner across seat and scrub the solution thoroughly with a stiff brush. Then, dab up excess moisture with a towel/rag and let it dry.

clear interior car step5 clear interior car step5


Let’s get to that steering wheel.

Use protectant wipes and give the steering wheel and the gearshift a thorough wipe down to get rid of germs and bacteria.

clear interior car step6 clear interior car step6


Last but not least, your floor mats

Take them out of the car and use the hose on them or floor mat cleaner, letting them dry in the sun

clear interior car step7 clear interior car step7


Now you’re ready for spring, and your car will thank you

clear interior car step8 clear interior car step8