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How to clean the exterior of your car

Cleaning your car is easier than you think, even if you’ve never done it before.

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Fill a bucket with water and the car wash soap.

Follow the instructions for how much to use. Also, use a separate bucket just for rinsing your mitt.

04a-small-projects-2015-clean-exterior-car-step1 04a-small-projects-2015-clean-exterior-car-step1


Rinse the car with a hose. Focus on really dirty areas first, like the wheel wells.

Use the cleaning mitt or bumper brush and soapy water.

04b-small-projects-2015-clean-exterior-car-step2 04b-small-projects-2015-clean-exterior-car-step2


Clean the rims by spraying in a back and forth horizontal motion, working your way up the tire.

Fully clean one wheel well before moving onto the next one.

04c-small-projects-2015-clean-exterior-car-step3 04c-small-projects-2015-clean-exterior-car-step3


Using a stiff brush, clean the tires.

04d-small-projects-2015-clean-exterior-car-step4 04d-small-projects-2015-clean-exterior-car-step4


Now it’s time to wash the body of the vehicle. Start at the top and work your way down.

If any pieces of dirt/grime get into the mitt, rinse it out to prevent scratching.

04e-small-projects-2015-clean-exterior-car-step5 04e-small-projects-2015-clean-exterior-car-step5


Once you’ve soaped it all down, time to give it a rinse with the hose.

04f-small-projects-2015-clean-exterior-car-step6 04f-small-projects-2015-clean-exterior-car-step6


Time to dry the car.

Try to prevent water spots from occuring.

04g-small-projects-2015-clean-exterior-car-step7 04g-small-projects-2015-clean-exterior-car-step7


Finally, grab the tire shine and spray it on your tires.

Let it stand for about 10-15 minutes to prevent wet product from slinging up onto the paint.

04h-small-projects-2015-clean-exterior-car-step8 04h-small-projects-2015-clean-exterior-car-step8


Your car should now look as good as new!

04i-small-projects-2015-clean-exterior-car-step9 04i-small-projects-2015-clean-exterior-car-step9