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How to restore headlights

Aging headlights can become faded and cloudy, resulting in poor lighting and dangerous driving situations at night. Need to restore your headlights? Don’t worry - you’ve got this.

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Clean with soap and water and let dry thoroughly


Apply masking tape

Apply masking tape to the area around the headlight to protect the painted or chrome surfaces surrounding it.


Wet sand the headlight

Do so with a coarser sanding disc by hand in a slow and steady back and forth motion. 


Wipe the lens

Wipe off the lens with a dry cloth to make sure any yellowing and defects have been removed. The lens should have a white, evenly sanded surface as if it were frosted.


Sand again with a finer grit disc in an up and down motion


Buff the headlight

With a drill attachment, buff the headlight using a liquid compound designed for plastic surfaces.


Apply a headlight protectant for lasting clarity