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Count on Canadian Tire’s Road Rated tire performance testing program for unbiased reviews on today’s top tires.

Road Rated

Road Rated is Canadian Tire’s independently audited, third-party automotive tire performance testing program. It is conducted at world-class test facilities by professional drivers. Through Road Rated, we bring you an objective, unbiased view of how each brand and model performs across a wide range of conditions. We take tire testing seriously because we take your safety seriously.

Testing Environments

It's a fact; some tires perform better under certain conditions than others. That's because some tires have rubber compounds that enhance grip on wet or icy surfaces, while others are designed for low rolling resistance to improve fuel economy. We test tires across all the conditions you'll encounter for life in Canada.


We perform numerous tests on asphalt tracks that are covered in water to simulate rainy driving conditions. We test for emergency wet braking from highway speeds, measuring the deceleration and stopping distance.  Longitudinal and lateral hydroplaning are also measured – you don’t want the tires to ‘float’ on the water and lose contact with the road. Laps on a wet asphalt circuit allow our professional drivers to assess every aspect of the tire’s ability to maintain traction and stability, accelerating, decelerating, and cornering on wet roads.


Our drivers test our tires to the limit for braking and handling on dry asphalt and concrete surfaces. We test to see how quickly our tires come to a complete stop when emergency braking from highway speeds. Our drivers also test emergency maneuvers such as sudden lane changes and swerving to avoid obstacles to understand how the tires perform when pushed to the limit on dry roads.


Our Winter and All-Weather tires go through a series of rigorous tests for handling, acceleration, and braking in icy and snow-covered conditions. We test braking distance on ice in a specialized temperature and humidity-controlled environment to accurately measure which tires perform best on ice. We do the same acceleration and braking tests on snow. Finally, laps on a snow-packed circuit allow our drivers to assess every aspect of the tire’s ability to maintain traction and stability, accelerating, decelerating and cornering on snow-covered roads.


We put All-Terrain tires through some extreme challenges at an off-road test facility. We know they'll handle the tough challenges of off-road driving in Canada if they perform well here. There are four distinct test areas at this facility: the mud traction field, the hill climb, the mud-slick rock garden, and the boulder crawl. These purpose-built test environments allow our technicians to rate durability, stability, and capability to climb, maintain and regain traction in wet, dry, smooth and rough off-road surfaces from mud and sand to gravel and big boulders.


We use a standardized lab test for rolling resistance (ISO 28580) to estimate the impact the tire will have on Fuel Economy, helping you understand which tires may save you a little money at the gas pump.

How to Read Our Testing Scores


Our Road Rated program is conducted at world-class testing facilities by professional drivers, experts in tire testing, and third-party auditors. This ensures a consistent process and objective, unbiased results. We test a representative sample of tires on the market from the more prominent tire brands for each tire segment yearly. Our goal is to help you buy with confidence and select the tire that best suits your driving needs.

Test Results at a Glance

Here's the quickest, most straightforward way to compare how our tires perform. Find the type of tire you need. Then see how each tire performed when tested under different conditions. Some provide a better grip on wet roads, while others offer excellent fuel economy. Decide what characteristics are most important to you and select your tire based on the scores below. All scores are based on a 100-point scale and only rated versus the other tires in the same tire type.