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With more than 100 years of experience in the automotive business, you can rest assured that we've got you covered. Tires that have been purchased and installed at Canadian Tire are backed by our complementary Tire Care Guarantee. Tire Care Guarantee with Replacement Advantage applies only if purchased along with your tires.

Warranty Cost Free From $8.99
Road Hazard Damage (ie. Nail punctures, pot hole damage) Yes Yes
Manufacturing Defects Yes Yes
Non-Repairable Road Hazard Damage Pro-Rated Free*
Repairable road hazard damage repaired for free Yes Yes
Manufacturer defects repaired or replaced for free Yes Yes
DURATION 6 Years 6 Years
New rubber valve stems Yes Yes
Free rotation and brake inspection every 10,000 km Yes Yes
Free spare tire change service - 1st year after purchase No Yes

1One Tire Care Guarantee with Replacement Advantage must be purchased for each tire. Once redeemed, a new Tire Care Guarantee with Replacement Advantage may be purchased for the replacement tire at the then current retail price.

2The tire is repaired at no charge if it falls within Canadian Tire repair guidelines. Balancing, disposal fees and taxes are the responsibility of the tire owner.

3A pro-rated replacement price will be charged based on regular retail price. This simply means that you only pay for the amount of the tread used above the 2/32" tread wear indicators. For example, if one third of the useable tread is used, you pay one third of the regular retail price of a new tire purchased from us.

4Usable tread is the original tread worn down 2/32" of tread remaining.

5Balancing, disposal fees and taxes (for replacement tires) are the responsibility of the tire owner.

6Tire Care Guarantee and Tire Car Guarantee with Replacement Advantage are provided by Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited.

Replacement Advantage cost is based on the regular retail price of a tire; $8.99 for tires priced up to $149.99 each, $12.99 for tires priced up to $249.99 each, and $16.99 for tires priced over $250.00 each.

*The standard warranty is based on a pro-rated calculation. This means that you will only pay for the amount of tread used, i.e., if a you bring a tire in for Tire Care Guarantee warranty (Term A and D), and the tire has 60% of the original tread depth left, you will pay 40% of the price of the replacement tire. However, if the you had purchased the Replacement Advantage, the replacement tire would have been free* (balancing and taxes still apply).
*This program enables customers who have purchased tires to return their tires if they are not 100% satisfied with them. Customer must return within 30 days with their work order. Customer is responsible for any difference in price between returned and new tires purchased and the cost of balancing the new tires.


Tires entitled to replacement under either Tire Care Guarantee will be replaced with the same size and line of tire – in the event that it is no longer available, a tire of the same basic construction and quality will be substituted by Canadian Tire in its reasonable discretion (sidewall and/or tread design may vary) 
Please note: you are responsible for any difference in cost resulting from this substitution.

Repair or replacement of the tires is the sole and exclusive remedy to which Canadian Tire is obligated and to which the original retail customer is entitled – for greater certainty Canadian Tire shall not be liable for reimbursement for the original purchase price, loss of the use of the vehicle, loss of time or inconvenience, towing charges, rental or replacement vehicle or any other special incidental, consequential or punitive damages

Unless otherwise noted herein, additional charges for balancing, disposal fees, taxes, valve, ice studs, and the like are outside these plans and are extra

Any tires replaced become the property of Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited. Neither Canadian Tire nor its Associate Stores have any responsibility to return tires replaced under either Tire Care Guarantee.

You must present the damaged tire as well as the original work order/invoice to a Canadian Tire store anywhere in Canada

If you did not purchase Tire Care Guarantee with Replacement Advantage you must pay the replacement cost of the new tire, pro rata if applicable

Unless otherwise noted herein, you are also responsible for the payment of repairs and services such as installation, balancing, rotation, alignment, disposal fee and applicable taxes

Other charges may apply for vehicles equipped with Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Some provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages or limitations on transferability. Therefore, the preceding limitations may not apply to every customer. Both Tire Care Guarantees give you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights that vary from province to province.

Service Abuse such as obstruction damage or wheel spinning. Tires that become unserviceable due to any type of service abuse are not covered under Tire Care Guarantee or Tire Care Guarantee with Replacement Advantage (also referred to collectively in this folder as Tire Care Guarantees).
In addition, these protection plans do not cover:
• Ride disturbance after one year or the first 2/32" of tread wear, whichever comes first
• Failure or damage, including rapid and irregular tread wear, caused directly or indirectly by: fire, accident, wreck, collision, vandalism, theft, negligence, motorsport, brake lock, spinning, overloading, over- or under-inflation, improper wheel alignment or tire rotation, misapplication, improper mounting, mounting on non-approved rims, chains, studs, and mechanical condition of the vehicle
• Tires used on non-passenger vehicles including campers, trailers, etc. or commercial vehicles, including taxis, limousines, police or courier service, etc.
• Claims not made by the original purchaser
• Tires installed on a vehicle other than the original vehicle
• Tires returned more than five years after the purchase date on the original work order/invoice
• Tires without D.O.T. identification numbers
• Tires branded non-adjustable (N/A), used or blemished
• Tires with a remaining tread depth of 2/32" or less
• Tires not regularly stocked, or tires not sold through our Special Order Program
• Tires that are purchased through the Keystone Automotive Operations Program

1. Tire Care Guarantees apply to tires only, not any other damage to the vehicle caused by tire failure. For coverage of any consequential damage, consult your personal insurance company.
2. Tire repairs that do not conform to Canadian Tire guidelines may void the Tire Care Guarantee and Tire Care Guarantee with Replacement Advantage.

Mileage Ratings (e.g. 100,000 km) are helpful when choosing tires but are not related to the Tire Care Guarantees – which are based on tread life as measured in 32nds of an inch.

We encourage all customers to register their tires directly with the manufacturer. That way, in the case of a safety recall, you can be notified directly.

This product carries a 1-year exchange warranty redeemable at any Canadian Tire store with proof of purchase

Wheels are warranted for defects in material and workmanship under normal and intended use for the period of 1-year from retail purchase.

Surface rust, pitting, peeling or discoloration is a direct result of improper maintenance and neglect, and is not covered by this warranty.

Structural failure that occurs as a result of road conditions, an accident, or willful abuse is also not covered by this warranty.
Wheels that have been mounted on tires are not returnable. Always test fit your wheels before installation.

Chrome-plated wheels should be cleaned by hand regularly to remove contaminants like road grime, salt, ice/snow melting chemicals, dirt, and brake dust.

Automatic, spray, and touch-free car washes do not completely remove contaminants, and can cause harm to the finish. Hand-washing is highly recommended.

Many areas of the country use road salts and chemicals during the winter months that can cause adverse effects on your wheels. It is recommended to clean more frequently during this season. Failure to do so may greatly reduce the life of the product.

Avoid using automatic car washes, as the cleaning agents and brushes used to clean tires can damage the chrome-plated finish.

Never wash your wheels when they are still hot from driving. Do not attempt to cool hot wheels with water. This may cause damage to the finish and can warp brake rotors and/or drums.