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Ice Fishing Buying Guide

Whether you’re interested in getting started or upgrading your equipment, here are some tips to make the most of ice fishing.


From knowing about what equipment works best to which accessories will enhance your experience. Learn everything here.

Ice Fishing Shelters


If you carry a lot of gear or prefer more room to stretch out, a two-man 2-person portable tent is a smart option. Moving up a size, it gets even more comfortable, but you may need a sled to move it.


The material of the shelter determines how well your shelter collects heat. Insulated shelters made of nylon or mixed fibres gather up the heat and keep it inside efficiently. In contrast, non-insulated shacks made of cloth and lighter denier fabric are much easier to carry, although they don't hold heat inside the tent.

Which one is right for you?


Made from innovative insulating materials, they retain heat and reduce condensation for ultimate comfort and protection from the elements, which makes up for their heavier weight.


They pack down small, set up easily and are light to carry, making them an ideal option if you’re in more clement weather conditions or equipped with a heater.