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How to hang a photo

Tired of staring at the blank wall, spruce it up by hanging a picture or art piece.

03 small projects 2015 hang a picture intro 03 small projects 2015 hang a picture intro


Use a stud finder

Be sure to use a stud finder if you are hanging a heavier photo or mirror.


Locate wall centre

Locating the wall’s center is the first step. Measure the width, then determine the height you’d like the photo.


Mark with pencil

Once you have the spot, you can mark the top of your frame near the center mark with a pencil. Then, mark the spot on the wall.


Hammer nail on slight angle

Holding the nail on the spot, hammer in on a slight angle. Hang the frame on the nail.


Hang photo, check level

Now that your photo is hung, use a level to ensure your photo is straight.