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PWR POD Universal Battery System

PWR POD is the ultimate Universal Battery System powering a variety of exclusive brands. A single battery that will seamlessly power your yard work, home and automotive projects, outdoor adventures and more. PWR POD keeps you powered and prepared for all of life’s moments.


Introducing PWR POD, the battery that will seamlessly power all your yard work, home renovations, automotive projects, outdoor adventures and more across exclusive brands like Mastercraft, Simoniz, and Woods with MotoMaster joining soon.

The Ultimate Universal Battery System


PWR POD batteries and chargers are compatible with a family of exclusive brands. From power drills and buffers & polishers to outdoor tools and camping equipment, PWR POD is the only battery system you'll ever need.


Find out more about PWR POD’s versatile capabilities. 

Benefits of a Cordless Tool

Generally, cordless tools are the top option for convenience and simplicity on the job site or for at-home projects. Cordless components can offer more flexibility when tackling a challenge, as you’re not confined to a plugged-in power source. However, this means that you need to prioritize a high-quality battery and charger kit. This will ensure that you can get the most amount of time out of your tool in one charge. Whether it’s a drill, impact driver or impact wrench, the PWR POD universal battery system delivers reliable power that can keep you and your professional or DIY job going to the end.