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PWR POD Frequently Asked Questions


PWR POD™ is the first Universal Battery System in Canada, which uses a single battery connection to power a wide array of products. With PWR POD™, you can use the same battery and interchange it between products spanning across a family of brands sold exclusively at Canadian Tire. This means you can do everything like drill, inflate, work and play and go back and forth without ever thinking, “Did I have the right battery?” With PWR POD™, you always have power.

Never before in Canada has there been a platform that works across multiple brands! PWR POD™ currently powers compatible products within Mastercraft®, SIMONIZ®, Yardworks, Woods® and Outbound, with more brands on the way. All PWR POD™ batteries are also compatible with Mastercraft® 20V and SIMONIZ® 20V products that are already available.

Amp hours (Ah) represent the capacity of the battery, which is a measure of the charge stored by the battery. This means that batteries with higher Ah have a higher capacity and therefore longer runtime. 

Runtime refers to how long a battery charge will last under a given load. Therefore, the runtime will depend on the product. There are three levels of Ah for PWR POD™ – the higher the Ah, the longer your battery will last under its full charge.

PWR POD™ is compatible with select Mastercraft®, MotoMaster™, SIMONIZ®, Yardworks, Woods™ and Outbound products. Check out the PWR POD™ landing page for more information on compatible brands. You can also look for the PWR POD™ symbol on product packaging.

PWR POD™ batteries are compatible with Mastercraft® 20V and Simoniz® 20V products, as well as any products marked with the PWR POD™ symbol. The batteries cannot be used with other 20V products from other brands.

The PWR POD™ Universal Battery System changes the game every which way – it makes power always available, no matter the tool or task. We’ll keep adding new brands and products to our lineup, because our goal is to help you power all of your powered moments.

Selecting the Right Battery

PWR POD™ offers three levels of power that are ideal for any use depending on the tool:  COMPACT (2.0 Ah), MID (4.0 Ah – 5.0 Ah), and MAX (8.0 Ah).

To select the right battery, take a look at the product box, manual, or online for the minimum recommended battery Ah. You can purchase a higher Ah battery if you want a longer runtime. If you prefer a lighter weight battery, you can choose a battery with lower amp hours. Each PWR POD™ battery level is designed to meet your unique power needs:

COMPACT (2.0 Ah) - Compact performance for smaller products.

MID (4.0-5.0 Ah) - Mid-range endurance for medium-sized products.

MAX (8.0 Ah) - Extended endurance for power-hungry products.

Please refer to the details below for guidance on what symbols to look for on the packaging of your PWR POD™ compatible product. These symbols indicate which battery is the minimum requirement for optimal use of your product:

COMPACT: Products that require 2.0 Ah will have only the PWR POD™ Symbol

MID: Products that require 4.0-5.0 Ah will have the Symbol and half power bar icon

MAX: Products that require 8.0 Ah will have the Symbol and full power bar icon


Yes, all PWR POD™ batteries are compatible with Mastercraft® 20V and Simoniz® 20V tools and chargers that are currently available.

We have a wide variety of products that include the product and the battery. Plus, we have packaging that have the 'Product' only (battery not included) for customers who already have a battery from a previous purchase. Please look for the yellow identification box on the package to find the ones that have  'Product' only. To identify products that use PWR POD™ as a secondary power source, look for the PWR POD™ logo as it is clearly called out on the packaging.

PWR POD™ batteries and chargers are guaranteed for two (2) years from the date of original retail purchase against defects in materials and workmanship.

Batteries can be charged with any of our PWR POD™ chargers:

• 20V 90W Fast Charger (SKU#: 054-7565)
• Multi-Pack 60W Dual Port Charger (SKU#: 054-7567)
• Multi-Pack 150W 4 Port Fast Charger (SKU#: 054-7571)

Only PWR POD™ and Mastercraft® 20V product line chargers can be used. 

The batteries are 20V MAX, equaling to 18V nominal voltage. Nominal voltage is the voltage of a fully charged battery when delivering rated capacity at a specific discharge rate. 

Generally PWR POD™ batteries are tested to 500 cycles. Life expectancy may vary depending on usage and storage conditions.

Tips to maximize battery life:

• Recharge as soon as you notice a decrease in power.
• Store in cool, dry location and avoid extreme temperatures.
• Keep tools in action, as battery life decreases with lack of use.
• Leave the battery plugged in until it’s completely charged.

There is a charge level check button located at the front of the battery with four LEDs to show the charge levels. One LED light indicates 25% charged, two is 50% charged, three is 75% charged, and four means 100% charged. If the four LEDs are on, this means the battery is fully charged.

Time to charge depends on the charger/battery combo. See below as guideline


2.0 Ah Charge Time

• 45W Charger: 75 min
• 90W Fast Charger: 40 min
• 60W Dual Port Charger: 60 min
• 150W 4 Port Fast Charger: 25 min

4.0 Ah Charge Time

• 45W Charger: 145 min
• 90W Fast Charger: 70 min
• 60W Dual Port Charger: 120 min
• 150W 4 Port Fast Charger: 50 min

5.0 Ah Charge Time

• 45W Charger: 180 min
• 90W Fast Charger: 90 min
• 60W Dual Port Charger: 150 min
• 150W 4 Port Fast Charger: 60 min

8.0 Ah Charge Time
• 45W Charger: 280 min
• 90W Fast Charger: 130 min
• 60W Dual Port Charger: 200 min
• 150W 4 Port Fast Charger: 90 min

The charger is designed to stop after fully charging the battery. After the battery has finished charging, you can leave the battery in the charger or you can remove it. The battery life will not be impacted.

It is recommended to remove the battery from the product when not in use to prevent accidentally turning it on when storing the product, and to avoid over discharging of the battery. The battery does have low voltage protection built into the battery. 

This is highly dependent on the tool/battery combination. Best practice is to follow the power level/battery tier recommended for each of the tools for optimal use. As a general note, higher Ah = longer run time.

The weight depends on the battery capacity:


•PWR POD™ 2.0Ah Battery – 0.44 kg (15 1/2 oz)

•PWR POD™ 4.0Ah Battery - 0.68 kg (1 lb 8 oz)

•PWR POD™ 5.0Ah Battery – 0.72 kg (1 lb 9 oz)

•PWR POD™ 8.0Ah Battery – 1 kg (2 lb 3 oz)


Option 1: Please ensure that the battery is charged. The battery pack may be too hot. Remove from unit and allow time for the battery pack to cool.

Option 2: Put the product and battery in room temperature for 30 minutes and try again in case it is too hot/cold. You can also try using the battery in another tool.

The battery pack may be too hot or cold. Leave the battery indoors for 20 minutes so it returns to room temperature, and then charge again. Disconnect and re-connect battery pack to charger to check connection.

You can also look for the charger warnings that indicate if it is a fault or temperature warning:

•1st and 3rd LED flashing alternately = battery is overheated

•All LEDs flashing = battery is depleted

To preserve natural resources, please recycle or dispose of batteries properly. This product contains lithium-ion batteries. Provincial or municipal laws may prohibit disposal of Lithium-Ion batteries in ordinary trash. Consult your local waste authority for information regarding available recycling and/or disposal options. For more information, please click the following link:

Flashing LEDs can mean one of the following Battery Error codes:

•1st LED flashing = low battery (under 20% charged)

•1st and 3rd flashing alternately = battery is overheated

•All LEDs flashing = battery is depleted

If it is not charging, the problem may be as per the following Error codes:

•Red LED ON, Green LED OFF = Over/Under Temperature

•Red LED flashing, Green LED OFF = Battery/Charger is defective

If you use a battery with amp hours (Ah) lower than the recommended amount, the runtime will be very limited and the tool might shut-off during heavy loading.

If you have any further questions, please contact our customer service team at 1-833-674-0957.