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How to winterize a lawn mower

When the cool weather starts to roll in, it’s time to put your lawn mower away for another winter season.  Before you toss it into the shed, protect it by winterizing.

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Stabilize fuel tank.

First, if you are storing indoors - it’s important to stabilize the fuel with a full tank of gas in your lawn mower since gas that sits all winter long can clog the carburetor.


Run engine to empty gas.

Alternatively, If you’re storing indoors, run the engine until the gas is gone.


Change oil.

Changing the oil will ensure your lawn mower is in great shape throughout the winter months.


Use mothballs.

An extra tip for those who are storing their mower in a garage – stick a few mothballs near the engine to avert those nesting rodents. Finally, check your lawn mower for loose screws and bolts or any damages that should be fixed before the off season. Clear out any buildup of grass or debris.