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How to remove tricky nuts and bolts

If you find yourself facing nuts and bolts that are stubborn or rusted, or just fastenings that require more torque than you can provide, there are a few easy things you can do.

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For stubborn bolts.

Spray the hardware with a multi-purpose lubricant to loosen it a little. Choose the right size socket for your bolt. Fit it over the bolt and use a wrench or breaker bar with some elbow grease to gradually loosen the nut. 


For rusty or stripped bolts.

These ones you may need a bolt remover. Bolt removers have textured interiors to help grip nuts or bolts with worn out threads or that have become misshapen from rust. Choose the right size bolt remover for your bolt and attach it to a socket wrench. Apply pressure until the bolt gives.


For extra torque.

If it’s power you’re lacking, an impact wrench will help you get the job done. These power tools make quick work of high-torque projects and tough fastening applications. Just make sure to use impact sockets or bolt removers with your impact wrench.