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How to patch drywall

Did the kids have a little too much fun playing hockey in the basement? Perhaps you didn’t know your own strength with a hammer when trying to hang a picture. Repairing a hole in the wall can be made easy with a few simple tools and tips.

How to patch dry wall 1280x522 fwt How to patch dry wall 1280x522 fwt


Scrape away loose debris.

For a repair on a smaller hole, simply scrape away loose debris to have a nice flat surface.


Apply compound to hole.

Using a dry wall knife, apply compound to the hole – feathering out the edges.


Sand down compound.

Once the compound is dry, use sand paper to sand down the dry wall compound to even out the surface, leaving it smooth and ready to re-paint.


For medium to larger holes, outline the damaged area with a square.


Using a drywall knife or saw, cut away the damaged area.


Cut a new piece of dry wall the same length.


Drill into the stud or a wooden block to hold the pieces of dry wall together.


Cover with compound.

After placing the filler piece in, use a wide dry wall knife and apply compound to close the gaps between the new piece of dry wall and the existing wall.


Place dry wall tape over the gaps.


Apply more compound over the seams lengthwise then widthwise.


Once it is dry sand it to be flush with the existing wall.