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How to apply driveway sealer

Your driveway is one of the first things people see when visiting your home, and rejuvenating its appearance should be done every few years. Keeping your driveway maintained can also save you money in the long run. With a few common tools and a little bit of elbow grease, you’ll have a driveway with a “just paved” look in no time. 

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Make sure to start early in the day to allow for plenty of drying time.


Start by cleaning the driveway and brushing off all debris.

A leaf blower works well for this.

04-small-projects-2015-driveway-sealer-start-by-cleaning 04-small-projects-2015-driveway-sealer-start-by-cleaning


Clean out any grass or weeds in cracks.

05-small-projects-2015-driveway-sealer-clean-out-grass 05-small-projects-2015-driveway-sealer-clean-out-grass


Remove any oil spills with a cleaner and scrub with a brush.

06-small-projects-2015-driveway-sealer-remove-scrub 06-small-projects-2015-driveway-sealer-remove-scrub


Wash the driveway.

You can use a hose and stiff cleaning brush or a pressure washer with a low-pressure tip.

07-small-projects-2015-driveway-sealer-wash-driveway 07-small-projects-2015-driveway-sealer-wash-driveway


Repair any cracks.

Use the trowel and broom to remove loose asphalt. Fill the cracks with the recommended repair compound and let it cure.

08-small-projects-2015-driveway-sealer-repair-cracks 08-small-projects-2015-driveway-sealer-repair-cracks


Apply the driveway sealer.

09-small-projects-2015-driveway-sealer-apply-driveway-sealerr 09-small-projects-2015-driveway-sealer-apply-driveway-sealerr


Set the empty pails at the end of driveway.

This is to prevent cars from parking on the fresh sealer.

10-small-projects-2015-driveway-sealer-set-empty 10-small-projects-2015-driveway-sealer-set-empty


Wait for it to dry.

The sealer will be dry to the touch in about 4 hours. Wait the recommended time (usually 24 – 48 hours) before driving on it.

11-small-projects-2015-driveway-sealer-wait-for-it-to-dry 11-small-projects-2015-driveway-sealer-wait-for-it-to-dry