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How to beat the bugs

Fresh air? Check! Sunshine? Check! Mosquitos, horseflies and wasps? Check! Nothing ruins a camping trip faster than discomfort from bug bites.

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Dress appropriately

Choose your outfit wisely to avoid becoming a target. Light coloured clothing is key, since many insects are attracted to dark colours. Long sleeves and pants will also give you extra protection.


Avoid wearing scents

Choose unscented toiletries, including perfume, hair products or deodorant. The better you smell, the more insects you’ll attract. 


Use repellent

Use a bug repellent to deter them. If you’re uncomfortable applying repellent to your face, try spraying it inside your hat, or on a bandana that you can wear around your neck or on your head. 


Put up a screen house

Include a screen house in your camp set-up. They’re easy to pack and versatile, so you can enjoy a leisurely meal or relaxation time without the constant interruption of unwanted visitors.


Light up repellant candles, lamps, and lanterns

Look for both feature and function with your light sources by choosing ones that specifically repel insects.


Choose the right tent

Don’t lose sleep because of a buzzy intruder. Look for tents that have No-see-um mesh to keep the bugs outside, where they belong.