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How to organize your garage

Who doesn’t want more space in their home? The answer lies just outside your door. We’ve got storage solutions for all your stuff, to make your garage a more functional space. Be sure to take full measurements of your garage, including floor area, width and height of ceiling and ceiling space, before choosing your solutions.

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Decide what you need to keep in the garage and what items really belong elsewhere, such as a utility closet, basement or backyard shed. Create a pile of things you’re no longer using, so you can donate them, and throw out anything beyond repair or with no further value.

Sort the stuff that’s staying in the garage by category or task. Some ideas are sports, games and cycling; tools and workshop supplies; cleaning and utility; gardening gear; and seasonal items.


Choose cabinets

Tall cabinets: If you have a lot of items to store, a tall cabinet is great for keeping clutter out of sight. Choose a locking cabinet to keep cleaning chemicals and dangerous items out of reach of children and pets.

Base cabinets: Base cabinets not only give you room to store supplies within easy reach, but also allow you to use the top as a workstation.

Wall cabinets: If you’re short on floor space, consider cabinets that can be attached to the wall.


Add shelves

Shelves provide a sturdy place to get items up and off the floor. Look for sturdy steel shelves, resin shelves or wire shelves.


Consider a wall system

Track panel systems: A track panel system is a convenient way to sort and display all of your tools using a slat wall, hooks, or even baskets, and can easily be rearranged if you add new items.

Pegboard systems: This simple to use system is a great way to declutter your space by organizing your tools on hooks on the wall, within easy reach.


Store and protect

Tool chests and cabinets: If you’ve got a well-stocked workshop, a chest or cabinet is great for sorting every tool in easy-to- access drawers and keeping them secure.

Toolboxes: If you have tools that you use frequently, a portable toolbox keeps them all together, so you can easily grab-and- go whenever you have a project.

Parts storage: These boxes are great for sorting nails, nuts and bolts, and other small pieces, so they’re easy to find when needed.


Add a work surface

Depending on your space and how much work you plan to do in your garage, there are different types and sizes of work surfaces that can cater to your needs. Larger workbenches or tables are more durable and have a greater weight capacity for tools and materials, while a smaller work surface can fit in a tighter space for smaller projects.


Add containers and bins

Containers and bins can help you make use of the vertical space in your garage by stacking easily.

Opaque storage containers: If you want to hide items out of sight, such as seasonal décor, containers are great for storing things until needed.
Clear storage containers: These see-through bins make it easy to see what's inside for quick access.

Storage towers: These allow you to sort smaller items in see-through drawers, so you can quickly find and access what you’re looking for. Many also have wheels, making them easily portable.


Consider specialty storage accessories

Bike storage: A bike rack mounted on your wall, or a bike pulley system, are handy tools for maximizing the space.

Ceiling storage: Fill this often overlooked space by stashing things that are rarely used or take up a lot of room on the ground.

Garage hooks: Great for hanging anything and everything from hoses to rakes to baskets.

Tire racks: Store bulky tires on racks to keep them out of the way.