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How to choose a food processor

A food processor is a handy kitchen tool that can speed up your prep by quickly shredding cheese, chopping vegetables or kneading dough.

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If you batch cook, have a large family, or regularly entertain big groups, look for a food processor with a capacity of 10 cups or more. These larger machines can easily handle big jobs, but keep in mind that they also require more storage space.

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If you’re looking for something that can chop and slice for everyday cooking, a food processor with a capacity of 7 to 9 cups is a better fit for you.

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Smaller choppers can handle 5 cups or less and are ideal for chopping up herbs, nuts, or mincing garlic. These are conveniently compact, but not designed to handle dense ingredients.

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Innovative new dispenser-style models that don’t have an attached bowl are not only compact, but also don’t have a capacity limit, so you can chop, slice and dice as much as you need.

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500 watts or higher

The most powerful models have 500 watts or more. These are ideal for jobs that require significant muscle, such as kneading dough. A machine that doesn’t have enough power could stall during large tasks.

300 to 400 watts

For everyday chopping, slicing and shredding, a model with 300 to 400 watts will suffice.

200 watts or less

If you’re looking for a small chopper for things like nuts, herbs and garlic, or you want to puree sauces, a model with 200 watts or less will get the job done.

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Seal-tight work bowl lids

Work bowls that come with lids that have rubber seals can be filled to capacity without worrying about leaks.

Blade lock feature

With a blade lock feature, you can safely pour the contents of your bowl without the blade slipping out of place.

Multi-sized feed tubes and pushers

Some food processor models will include very small and/or extra large feed tubes and pushers. Small ones are handy for incorporating liquids without splatters while you are blending or pureeing, while extra large tubes can handle whole fruits and vegetables, minimizing the amount of precutting required.

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Extra work bowl

While smaller food processors generally only come with a single work bowl, some larger food processors include an additional, smaller work bowl. This is handy to use as a chopper for smaller ingredients or to make dips.

Dough blade

If you like to make bread, pizza dough or fresh pasta, look for a model that includes a dough blade and let your food processor do the kneading for you.

Adjustable slicing settings

Premium food processors allow you to adjust the thickness on your slicing disc, which is handy for dishes that involve very precise slices, such as scalloped potatoes.

Storage case

An accessory storage case can be helpful to neatly and safely store all of a food processors parts and accessories, particularly the sharp blades.

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