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How to install a backup camera

Backing up and parallel parking any vehicle can be a challenge without a clear view of what’s behind you. Looking to install your own backup camera? Don’t worry – you’ve got this. 

Mount video monitor to windshield Mount video monitor to windshield




Mount the video monitor

First, mount the video monitor with a suction cup to your front windshield. Power the video monitor by using the provided 12 to 24 volt adaptor. 


Determine the best route for the camera cable

The camera itself must be connected to one of your vehicle’s reverse tail lights. Determine the best route for the camera cable from your license plate to the inside of your vehicle.


Find your vehicles reverse tail light power cables

Once you find the cables, determine the positive and negative wires. Connecting it to the tail light allows the camera to switch on automatically when the driver puts the car in reverse. 


Connect positive and negative wires together

Using a snap lock, connect the camera’s red wire to the positive wire. Then do the same with the camera’s black wire and the negative wire. 


Slide the camera on top of the license plate

Unscrew your license plate, and slide the camera on top – pressing firmly to secure it to the plate. Reattach your license plate to the vehicle and adjust the camera angle as needed. 


Tidy any loose wiring in your trunk with lining

Once all the loose wiring is tucked away, turn the video monitor on inside the vehicle and test your back up camera.