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Bonus/Promo Cards FAQ

What is a Bonus or Promo Card?

A Bonus or Promo Card is a reward of predetermined value issued as an incentive to make a purchase during a specific event.

How do I redeem my Bonus/Promo Card?

Bonus/Promo cards can be redeemed on your next in-store purchase at Canadian Tire, within the specified timeframe. The Bonus/Promo Card is not redeemable for cash and may only be redeemed for merchandise at Canadian Tire retail stores. Bonus/Promo cards must be presented and surrendered at time of use. Applicable taxes will be charged on the total transaction value before deducting the bonus/promo card value. One bonus/promo card per customer per transaction. Bonus/Promo cards cannot be used on purchases of hunting and fishing licenses, select services, previous purchases, gift cards and auto service labour including any associated fees. Bonus/Promo cards cannot be used at Mark’s, PitStop, Gas+ locations or for online or phone purchases or payments on a Canadian Tire account. Bonus/Promo cards cannot be combined with any other offer. Bonus/Promo cards cannot be applied to qualifying purchase. Upon return of the qualifying purchase, bonus/promo card must be surrendered or the bonus/promo card amount will be deducted from the refund amount.

Can I use the Bonus or Promo Card to buy Gift Cards or at Canadian Tire gas bars?

Bonus/Promo Cards cannot be used to purchase gift cards. They are not redeemable online or at Canadian Tire gas bars and cannot be applied as payment towards any Canadian Tire credit account.

Do Bonus Cards and Promo Cards have an expiry date?

Yes, Promo Cards usually have a short expiry date in which they can be redeemed. Bonus cards however, do not expire.

What happens if I return an item that I purchased by using my Bonus/Promo Card?

Upon returning an item purchased with the Bonus/Promo card, the card and its full value must be surrendered or the card amount will be deducted from the refund amount.

eFLYER® Weekly Specials FAQ

How do I make an online purchase? 

When you click on a product within the digital flyer, you can click on the product you are interested in and the product page will open in a new tab. From here you can see product details, find the in-store aisle number, add the item to your wish list and add it to your cart. You can then follow the prompts to complete the purchase.

I notice that on some flyers I cannot purchase the item at the price displayed – why is this? 

You can only purchase items at the price displayed once the sale has begun – check your flyer for the sale start dates. Each publication is made available prior to the sale start date to allow customers more time to browse and make their shopping list.

How do I access other flyers and publications? 

At the top-right of the page, you will see a book icon. Click it to be taken to a landing page that features all the available flyers or publications.

Where can I download a copy/PDF of the flyer?

When inside of a publication, at the top-right of the digital flyer there is a PDF icon you can click to download a PDF version of the flyer. Once downloaded you can save, print, and share via email.

On a desktop, can I view my flyer in a vertical format? 

Yes, at the top-right of the digital flyer screen, you will see an icon with 2 arrows. This allows you to change your view between horizontal and vertical.

On a mobile phone, is there a way to view the content horizontally? 

Yes, hold your phone horizontally and the screen will adjust. Remain in “Full Screen” mode for a larger viewing area.

How can I make my flyer view larger? 

At the top-right of the page, you will see an icon with a “+” sign. Click to make the screen larger/zoom in. Then, you can click on “-” to make it smaller/ zoom out; or, click on the 2 rotating arrows to bring it back to a default view.

How do I use the search and filter feature?

To Access Search and Filter: at the top-right of the page, click the button called “Search & Filter” in green. To Search: On the lefthand side of the Search & Filter bar, you will see a magnifying glass icon with a search bar. Type in a search word for the product you are looking for and click on the magnifying glass icon or press enter to search. You will then be shown all relevant products appear underneath the search bar. To Filter: To the right of the search bar, you will see two options: 1) A filter bar where you can find a product by department; 2) A filter for different saving values. Note: you can also combine the search and filter options to get even more relevant results

How do I exit the search?

Click on the “Exit Search” button on the far-right side of the Search & Filter Bar.

How do I start a new search?

Click on the “Clear” button on the far-right side of the Search & Filter Bar.

Where can I find legal information? 

You can always find the legal disclaimers on the 2nd last page of the flyer. Page specific legal disclaimers can be found at the bottom of the page.


Mobile App FAQ 

What devices is the app available for? 

The app is available on Apple iPhone and Android smartphones. 

How much does the app cost?

There is no cost for the app; it is available to download for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Data charges may apply from your mobile provider based on your rate plan. 

How can I download the app?

Visit the app store for the specific device you are using from your mobile device:

  • iPhone - Apple App Store

  • Android - Google Play Store

How does the app work?

  • Once you have downloaded the app to your device, click on the Canadian Tire app icon to launch.

  • Browsing products and the flyer work very similarly to the mobile website. Users can select the departments, categories and subcategories they are interested in browsing. Users can also type words into the search box to find what they are looking for.

  • The app also allows users visiting a store to scan the barcode on a product to quickly access product information such as detailed features, pricing, ratings and reviews, plus store availability.

  • This is done by selecting the scan functionality within the app. The user can then use the device camera to ""scan"" the barcode and find the product information. Simply hover over the barcode and gently move the device until you get a successful read. It is also important to note that the ability to read barcodes is only available on devices that have autofocus functionality on the camera.

  • To locate the nearest store, the app can use the GPS location of the device. If users do not grant permission to allow access to the GPS functionality, they can alternatively select a store by entering a postal code or browse by province and city to find the location they are looking for."

How do I change my store location?

The current store is shown at the top of the app's "Home" tab and on the "Stores" tab as well. Tap on either of those two locations to select a different store.

Can users rate and review products or submit product questions via the mobile app?

No, at this time users can only read product reviews that have already been posted.

How can users use the store locator?

To locate the nearest store, the app can use the GPS location of the device. The user does not need to select the city or enter a postal code. The app will ask the user's permission to use the device's GPS location information upon first launch and again when attempting to locate a store near the user. If users do not grant permission to allow access to the GPS functionality, they can alternatively select a store by entering a postal code or browse by province and city to find the location they are looking for. When using the routing information, customers should always use caution and follow traffic rules and local legislation regarding portable GPS devices when travelling.


Scanning products does not work properly. What's wrong?

  • The product barcode scanning feature works only on devices with autofocus built into the camera functionality.

  • Older smartphones may not be able to access this functionality.

  • If the barcode is not clear on the product packaging, users may also type in the complete barcode UPC numbers to access the product information.

  • Products that are not online will not be accessible to the app.