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NOMA iQ TM Cybersecurity

NOMA iQTM is committed to providing you intelligent cybersecurity protection that you can rely on. Build your smart home and use your NOMA iQTM products worry-free as our DataGuardTM cybersecurity automatically protects your data and privacy in the background.

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All NOMA iQTM products are protected by DataGuardTM cybersecurity you can trust. We designed our products with your data security and privacy in mind and used built-in technology from Firedome that automatically detects, prevents, and responds to cybersecurity concerns. All data is anonymized, encrypted, stored in North America, and will not be sold to 3rd parties. So whether you are well versed in smart home or brand new, you can feel confident knowing your products are secure.

In addition to the built-in technology from Firedome, DataGuardTM is also third party verified Cyber Assured by Intertek. Learn more about these programs below.


Technology from Firedome is built into the NOMA iQTM's DataGuardTM cybersecrity promise and provides comprehensive protection against common threats like malware, cryptojacking and identity misuse.

It combines a lightweight security agent with an industry-leading cloud backend to effectively protect devices against exploits and close vulnerabilities that could be leaving you exposed.

All backed by proprietary machine learning technology, deep analytics, and 24/7 security monitoring from our Security Operations Center, our cloud platform monitors and analyzes traffic, spots any suspicious signs of a malicious attack, then prevents and mitigates them.

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Intertek Cyber Assured

The Cyber Assured program helps manufacturers and brands ensure that the products they sell to consumers have a robust level of cybersecurity throughout their entire lifecycle. Intertek’s cybersecurity lab in Ottawa has been performing cybersecurity testing on IT products for several decades and have leveraged this experience to create a program which addresses the specific risks consumer IoT (Internet of Things) products face. Before these products hit store shelves, they undergo extensive testing to be listed in the Cyber Assured program covering not just the device itself, but also the mobile app, and the back-end server. Once listed, products are scanned every 24 hours for new vulnerabilities, allowing manufacturers to rapidly fix any newly discovered weaknesses, and helping ensure the product remains secure throughout its entire lifecycle.

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A simple and convenient solution for those who are new to smart home with added depth of control for more advanced users. With DataGuard™ cybersecurity built into all NOMA iQ™ products, you can enjoy your smart home with confidence.