NOMA 50W Solar Panel Kit

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    NOMA 50W Solar Panel Kit



    • NOMA 50W Crystalline Solar Panel is ideal for charging 12V batteries used in RVs, homes, cabins, remote and back-up power use
    • Panel features high efficiency crystalline solar cells for long lasting use
    • Maximum power output of 50W at 2.22A current
    • Weatherproof with rugged aluminum frame and shatterproof tempered glass for extended outdoor use
    • To be used in tandem with a charge controller to protect the 12V battery from overcharging (included in the box)


    • Assembled Depth (cm):

      70.00 cm
    • Assembled Height (cm):

      3.00 cm
    • Assembled Weight (kg):

      4.60 kg
    • Assembled Width (cm):

      53.00 cm
    • Frame Material:

    • Output Amperage (amps):

      2.8 A
    • Output Voltage (V):

      18 V
    • Product Model Number:

    • Solar Technology:

    • Package Depth (cm):

      70.00 cm
    • Package Height (cm):

      53.00 cm
    • Package Width (cm):

      3.00 cm
    • Package Weight (kg):

      4.90 kg
    • Assembled Depth (ft):

      2.30 ft
    • Assembled Depth (in):

      27.56 in
    • Assembled Height (ft):

      0.10 ft
    • Assembled Height (in):

      1 1/8 in
    • Assembled Weight (lb):

      10.1 lb
    • Assembled Width (in):

      20 7/8 in
    • Assembled Width (mm):

      530.00 mm
    This product carries a special warranty. Please see your local Canadian Tire store for details.
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