Hitachi 10-in Sliding Dual Compound Mitre Saw with Laser

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    Hitachi 10-in Sliding Dual Compound Mitre Saw with Laser


    This compound mitre saw is about focused power and control – a popular choice of many contractors because it gets the job done. Accurate right out of the box, the laser guide will make you a believer. While costing a little more, you’ll make it all back ten-fold due to your newfound efficiency.


    • 10" sliding dual compound mitre saw features a unique, adjustable laser marker that provides precise cutting lines
    • Mitre saw uses a 12 amp motor for intense power for the toughest cutting jobs
    • With a 57° mitre angle to the right for ultra flexibility, and 45° mitre angle to the left. 45° bevel angle range to the right and left, allowing users to quickly and easily flip the saw blade and leave the material in place
    • Positive stops on mitre and bevel scale, for easy to read measurements and quick settings. And linear ball bearing slide system, for superior accuracy and control
    • Electronic speed control maintains RPM while cutting, and improves control
    • Electric brake feature halts the rotation of the blade within seconds, preventing unintended cuts
    • Patented chip deflector, fully adjustable to prevent tear-out, aligns cutting line for zero clearance support
    • Features carbon brush access, a dust collector attachment, and splinter guard for increased safety
    • Includes box wrench, dust bag, and TCT 40 teeth saw blade


    This product carries a special warranty. Please see your local Canadian Tire store for details.