Baby Brezza Safe + Smart Bluetooth Bottle Warmer

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    Baby Brezza Safe + Smart Bluetooth Bottle Warmer



    • Baby Brezza Safe + Smart Bluetooth Bottle Warmer warms up breast milk or formula fast and easy
    • Features two warming options: steady mode for safe heating with warm water and quick mode for fast heating with steam
    • Steady mode warms breast milk carefully with warm water to preserve nutrients while in fast mode the bottle is ready in minutes
    • An easy-to-use control panel allows you to set up your warmer to heat your bottle properly, whether starting with cold or room temperature milk
    • The Bluetooth-compatible Baby Brezza app lets you control the warmer from your smartphone and alerts you when the bottle is ready
    • Versatile, the bottle warmer also defrosts, and is safe for use with baby food
    • Safely defrost frozen breast milk or baby food
    • The free Smart + Connected app lets you control the warmer from your smartphone, and alerts you when milk, formula or food is ready
    • The bottle won't take up much space as the cord easily wraps for hidden storage


    • Appliance Type:

      Baby Feeding
    • Assembled Depth (cm):

      15.90 cm
    • Assembled Depth (ft):

      0.52 ft
    • Assembled Depth (in):

      6.26 in
    • Assembled Height (cm):

      29.20 cm
    • Assembled Height (ft):

      0.96 ft
    • Assembled Height (in):

      11 1/2 in
    • Assembled Weight (kg):

      1.08 kg
    • Assembled Weight (lb):

      2.4 lb
    • Assembled Width (cm):

      15.20 cm
    • Assembled Width (in):

      6 in
    • Assembled Width (mm):

      152.00 mm
    • Colour:

    • Cups Capacity:

      Not Applicable
    • Package Depth (cm):

      17.78 cm
    • Package Depth (in):

      7.00 in
    • Package Height (cm):

      30.48 cm
    • Package Height (in):

      12.00 in
    • Package Weight (kg):

      1.22 kg
    • Package Weight (lb):

      2.69 lb
    • Package Width (cm):

      17.78 cm
    • Package Width (in):

      7.00 in
    • Product Model Number:

    • Wattage:

      500 W


    This product carries a 1 year exchange warranty redeemable in-store.