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Discover the joys of ice fishing while ensuring optimal safety with these essential precautions. 

Prep Like a Pro

Discover all the tips and precautions you can take to make your ice fishing experience safe and successful. 

Ice Thickness

Consult with your local authorities and get updated ice reports on thickness conditions. Also, assess ice on location.

Safety Equipment

Always wear a protective suit and carry an approved flotation vest and a sturdy pair of ice rescue spikes.

Never Fish Alone 

Always ensure you are either accompanied by someone or your friends/family are aware of your location and return time. 

Practice Social Distancing 

A group should walk in single file with about 6 feet of space between them and should maintain it while auguring the hole.

Don’t Drink and Fish

Aside from impairing your motor skills and judgement, alcohol causes you to lose warmth quickly.