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How to repair a screen door

Let's repair that screen door and keep out any unwelcome critters into your home this season.

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Get that old screen out of the frame and remove the old spline.

The spline is the PVC vinyl strip in the groove on the back of the door that holds the mesh screen in place.


Pop the spline out with a screwdriver and pull it out of the groove all the way around.


Remove any handles from the screen.


Use a paper towel to clean out the groove.

Wipe the entire door while you're at it.


Grab the roll of new screen and spread it out over the door.

Ensure there's at least an inch of extra screen on either side of the area where you want the screen to go.


Find the spline and pick a corner of the door to start at.

Press the spline into the channel using the spline tool.


Roll the spline tool along the spline to press it into the groove - hold the mesh screen in place.

You can either cut the spline at each corner, or roll the spline all the way around in one piece.


At the last side, pull the screen tight to remove any wrinkles before you press it into the groove.


Use your blade to trim the excess screen.

Place the knife in the groove at a 45 degree angle - avoid cutting the spline.