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How to know when to sharpen your skates


Dull blades on your skates will directly affect your performance on the ice. Here’s how you can determine if it’s time to have them sharpened.

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You’ve lost control on the ice

If you notice your turns aren’t as sharp, you’re sliding all over the ice, or you can’t reach your normal skating speed, it’s likely that you need your skates sharpened. 


You’ve been skating outside

If you’ve recently been skating on a pond, canal or outdoor rink, it’s likely that your blades have dulled. Uneven ice and snow on your blades will wear down your edges more quickly, so take time to have them sharpened before you head indoors once again.



You’re skating regularly

To keep your skates in optimum condition, you’ll want to have them sharpened after six trips to the rink, on average. More often if you’re skating for long periods each time.