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How to keep dry no matter what

Don’t let the elements slow you down. The right gear will help keep you dry and on-track.​

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Start with your feet. Make sure your footwear is fully waterproof to avoid soggy socks. 



Next, invest in a quality raincoat and rain pants, for full body protection. And it never hurts to pack extra clothes and socks, just in case.


Dry bags and a rain cover

Store your gear in dry bags inside your pack and keep your backpack’s rainfly securely fastened for ultimate protection. 


Waterproof tent

Choose a tent with a high PU coating to keep the rain on the outside. Also consider models that include a vestibule, so muddy wet boots can be left out to dry. 


Tarps and rope

Pack tarps and rope, in case you need to cover anything up or to create a barrier between your tent and the damp ground. A pair of extension poles can also turn your tarp into a quick shelter.


Add additional waterproofing

Waterproofing sprays can be added to tents or apparel, to provide an additional coat of protection. Seam sealers can also be used on tents, to reinforce stitching.


Clothesline and clothespins

If you do get caught with some soggy gear, a clothesline and clothespins are the best way to dry things out and get on with your adventure.