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How to choose a hockey stick

Finding the right hockey stick for you is essential to improving your game.

chooseahockeystick chooseahockeystick

Left or right?

The first thing you need to determine is if you need a left-handed or right-handed stick. It’s all about what hand feels most comfortable on the top when you grip your stick. If that’s your right hand, you need a left-handed stick. If it’s your left, you need a right-handed stick.

chooseahockeystick step-01 chooseahockeystick step-01

Choose a stick length

To find the right stick length, hold the stick on the floor in front of you. If you’re in shoes, the stick should come up to somewhere between your chin and nose, so that when you put on skates, it will be just under your chin.

chooseahockeystick step-02 chooseahockeystick step-02

Determine flex

Don’t forget to consider flex, which is the amount that the stick bends during play. Flex is determined by how much you weigh, with the rule of thumb being that flex should equal roughly half of your weight. Therefore, if your weight increases, your flex should increase as well.

chooseahockeystick step-03 chooseahockeystick step-03

Cut the stick, if needed

If you need to cut the stick, based on your height or your preference for reach or stick handling, don’t forget that flex will change when you change the length.

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