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How to choose a dog harness, leash or collar 

Get tips on finding the perfect fit with a selection of sizes and styles to suit your dog’s needs.

Person on blanket in park with dog wearing harness Person on blanket in park with dog wearing harness

How to determine collar size

Measure around your dog’s neck and add 1 – 1.5 -in to that number. When it’s fastened, you should be able to fit two fingers under the collar.

Different collar types

Petco flat dog collar

Flat collar

The most common type of collar, this simple design is available in a variety of materials and typically features a buckle or snap fastener.

Petco Martingale dog collar

Martingale collar

Sometimes called a no-slip collar, this style has an extra loop that softly tightens to prevent dogs from slipping out.

When to use a harness

Harnesses are great for puppies or dogs that have a sensitive neck area. To find the right harness, you’ll need your dog’s weight and chest measurements.

Types of leashes

Explore various lengths, widths and styles to suit your dog’s walking needs.

Petco nylon dog leash

Flat and
round leashes

Typically 4 – 6-ft long, these types of leashes allow you to maintain direct and constant control over your dog. They're ideal for puppies and walks in busy areas.

Flexi retractable dog leash

Retractable leashes

Extending a great distance (often 15 - 20-ft or more), this leash gives your dog added freedom to explore. They're suited to well-trained dogs walking in controlled, open areas.

Petco reflective dog rope leash


These leashes include features to suit your specific needs, such as reflective material for added visibility during nighttime walks.

Dog walking accessories

Explore dog poop bags, travel bowls and more essentials for your daily stroll.

How to choose the right collar, leash and harness for your dog