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How to thicken your lawn

Make your neighbours green with envy with fresh and vibrant grass

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Ground should be firm to walk on

It’s important to get the grass blades to stand. To do this, wait until the ground is firm enough to walk on without sinking in.


Rake with fan rake


Aerate the lawn

In areas where foot traffic occurs and soil is compacted, it may be a good idea to aerate the lawn with a power aerator so fresh air can circulate through.


Add soil and rake

Lay down two to three centimeters of lawn soil and rake smooth.


Spread grass seed

Use half a kilogram for every 40 square meters. Then, spread the grass seed thinly over top using a seed spreader. Seed the patch length-wise, then width-wise to ensure you’ve covered the entire area.


Rake gently to help the seed into the soil.