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How to plant a tree

Noisy neighbours? Create a backyard oasis by planting a new tree. Most trees in a container can be planted anytime between spring, summer and fall seasons.

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Dig hole twice as wide as container

When preparing the hole, consider that the size of the hole should be at least twice as wide as the current container of the tree and just as deep. The wider the hole, the more loose the soil will be around the roots, which help the tree absorb enough water, nutrients and air.


Level soil grade with root collar

The tree must be place in the ground so the soil grade is level with the bottom of the root collar.


Push soil around roots

When filling the hole, gently but firmly push the soil around the roots, taking care to fill any air pockets.


Two buckets of water a day

For the first week with your new tree, be sure to gently pour two large buckets of water over the soil each day.