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How to go gourmet in the wild

Hot dogs and s’mores made over the fire are classic camping foods, but that doesn’t mean they’re everyone’s cup of tea. Upgrade your meals with a few tips to help you go gourmet in the wild.​

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Create a portable pantry

Pack up a sturdy tote with all your non-perishable necessities, including your favourite spices, so you can just pop the top off when it’s time to get cooking and everything will be within reach.


Prep in advance

Take some time to cook and freeze meals in advance, like stews and soups, then store them in coolers with plenty of ice packs. They will slowly thaw, so you can reheat them on site. You can also create a spice rub for meat or fish, so it’s ready when you need it.


Set up your kitchen

Invest in a camp stove that meets your needs, so you can cook comfortably, and pick up some cast iron pans for excellent heat distribution and performance, not to mention durability. 


Add some accessories

Be sure to include camp cooking accessories, such as a grate, forks or skewers, to create tasty items over the campfire. You may end up changing your mind and want one of those s’mores after all.