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How to clean and maintain your BBQ

Summertime has finally arrived, and so has the season of outdoor entertaining! Before you toss your steaks onto the grill, it’s important to clean and maintain your BBQ.

cleanandmaintainyourbbq cleanandmaintainyourbbq




To clean the grill housing, remove the warming rack, cooking grates and flame tamers.

remove rack grates tamers remove rack grates tamers


Using a plastic scraper, loosen any existing build-up and debris in the grill housing and lid.

loosen existing build up loosen existing build up


Remove the double burners and use a grill brush to remove surface debris.

Clean the burner port holes by using a wire, paperclip or wooden stick.

remove burners remove burners


Clean the burner port holes by using a wire, paperclip or wooden stick.

clean burner holes clean burner holes


The cooking grates should be washed and rinsed thoroughly, and dried with paper towels.

Remember to never soak or let soapy water sit on the grates for any length of time.

wash cooking grate wash cooking grate


It’s important to season your cooking grates several times in a season, because oil prevents water from penetrating through the grate’s pores.

Use vegetable shortening to coat the entire grate and each rod – do not use salted fat such as margarine or butter.

season grate season grate


Once coated, place the grates in your conventional oven or BBQ for 15 to 20 minutes at 275 to 300 degrees farhenheit.

place grate oven place grate oven